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Dédiée à la sécurité de l'information, la RSA Conference USA se tient à San Francisco (Moscone Center) du 4 au 8 mars 2019. Organisée par RSA.


Présentation par l'organisateur

Since 1995, a unique theme has been chosen every year and predicated on a specific contribution or illustration related to information security. A story and design are developed and carried throughout the event. Marketing materials, signage and web sites are all developed to maximize use of this theme approach and design.
2019: Better.
Better imageWhen it comes to cybersecurity, what defines better? New tools for building stronger walls? Sharper algorithms for predicting risk? AI and machine learning to help outsmart cybercriminals? That’s certainly part of it. Technology always has to move forward. But it’s not the only answer. Ensuring a brighter future requires all of us—everyone from the C suite to those of us on the front lines—to be better today. To stay on top of the latest threats. To put in the extra hours. To make security a top priority. And most importantly, to never forget the fundamental reason why we’re here: to help ensure a more secure world so others can get on with the business of making it a better one. This collective desire to do more is the mission of RSA Conference. We come here to experience better solutions, brainstorm better ideas, and remind ourselves that a better, safer world is ahead when we have the drive, the strength and the vision to work together to create it.

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