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The Role of Security in Trustworthy Cloud Computing
Un Livre Blanc de RSA, la division sécurité d'EMC

Enthusiasm for cloud computing has as much to do with economics as technology. Growth in the
number of applications and the volume of data that must be managed have made data centers a major item of corporate expense, with no end in sight. Public cloud computing looks like a way to get a handle on some of these costs.

The concept of cloud computing is straightforward: you replace capital-intensive IT assets that must be internally managed with rented “pay-as-you-go” IT capacity and services at commoditized prices. These services are built with new technologies such as virtualization and service-oriented architectures and leverage the Internet to reduce the cost of IT hardware and software resources for computing, networking and storage. At the same time, enterprises are using the same concepts and technologies to build out private clouds to capitalize on centralized, commoditized IT services that meet their security needs.

Today, both public and private cloud deployments must embody an appropriate set of core security principles and thereby assure users and customers of a trustworthy cloud computing environment.

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