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7 Steps to Windows 7
Ensuring a smooth transition and sustained business
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Planning your Windows 7 migration. Migrating to Microsoft® Windows® 7 can be intimidating. You want to take advantage of new Windows 7 productivity, security, and control enhancements—but at this scale, how can you keep your migration efficient, cost-effective, and
sustainable, while protecting end-user productivity?
But your migration can be an opportunity as well as a challenge. It's the perfect time to clear out leftover stopgaps, workarounds, and inefficiencies from earlier implementations. Windows 7 is your chance to wipe the slate clean. Ondemand,
user-based provisioning combined with standard configurations and structured change management procedures help you release the full power of today's hardware and software, and lock in the long-term rewards of a manageable,
sustainable environment.

Symantec can help you meet the challenge—and capture the opportunity. Our migration and deployment solutions streamline processes to cut the expense, delay, and disruption of your migration—and keep you in control. And when you
apply those savings to advanced Symantec solutions for security, virtual environments, data protection, and management, you secure not just the one-time rewards of a smooth migration, but long-term reliability, productivity, and security from an up-to-date, efficient, manageable IT environment.

Symantec has deployed more than 300 million desktops and notebooks to Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista®—and now Windows 7. And Symantec engineers have built a decade of experience into every Symantec solution, with powerful handsfree, fully-automated technologies that help you turn your migration challenge into a triumph.

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