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Given the uncertain nature of the economic recovery, many companies may appear reluctant to move beyond a focus on cost cutting and efficiency to make the IT investments necessary to accelerate growth. Indeed, more than two-thirds of respondents said they are focused on making better use of the information and IT that already exist in their company. Yet executives, particularly CIOs, were very clear that changes in technology and process must be made if their companies are to recognize the full value of their IT systems and data. Organizational silos, a lack of data integration, a lack of analytic skills, and outdated, overly complex information systems all were cited as barriers to making the most effective use of information. The survey results paint a picture of an increasing focus on new business and recognition that information —both customer and company data—is integral to organizations’ futures. Clearly executives—in IT or not—have a continuing focus on efficiency and making things work better. C-suite executives and the IT organization may not always share the same view of the barriers to those goals inside the organization, making alignment among stakeholders key to future success.

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