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CA point of view: Content-Aware Identity & Access Management.
un Livre Blanc CA Technologies mars 2011.

There are several key drivers for most IT organizations today. First, they must reduce risk, and maintain privacy of corporate and customer information. Second, they must comply with regulatory and industry mandates. Third, they must improve operational efficiencies. And, finally, they must enable the business for growth. A key requirement for each of these areas is the ability to efficiently manage all your user identities, and control their access to critical systems, applications, and information. But, it’s not enough to merely control users and their access to these resources. Stopping at the point of access gives you less control—you must also control information usage after it has been accessed. The protection of information from both unauthorized access and improper usage is essential in order to provide the compliance and security that your business, your customers, and your partners rightly demand. In addition, today’s IT infrastructure must support increasing numbers of users and applications, federated identity systems, and complex compliance requirements. Traditional identity and access management systems often cannot easily handle these increasingly complex requirements. New models of identity systems are required.

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