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San Francisco – USA- JavaOne 2008 Exhibition – Validy booth #636 – 6 May 2008

Validy proudly announces the launch of Validy SoftNaos for Java. This product allows a level of security
and protection against piracy and sabotage not available until now. Validy SoftNaos is a
foundational building block in the “software assurance” domain.
The Forrester Institute estimates up to 14 billion pieces of equipment will be connected to the Internet by
2012, of which computers will represent only 5% of the total. The threat created by the interconnection of
this mass of systems raises massive security issues to which Validy SoftNaos offers a crucial and effective
solution and against cyber-terrorism in particular.
Validy SoftNaos utilises « Validy Technology », a patented security technology which is a complete
departure from the current state of the art. It has been nominated for the European IST prize contest in
2006, awarded a prize in 2007 by MOTOROLA during the Chinese-European exhibition ChinICT 2007
and labeled in 2008 by the SECTOKEN (Secure Token) project by the MINALOGIC world competitive

Validy SoftNaos prevents software piracy and guarantees the integrity of software execution by
simultaneously using a software transformation and a secure electronic component. The protected
software transformation is generated by the Validy SoftNaos post-compiler. The same level of protection
will soon be possible for C, C++ and C# applications.
Industrial manufacturing, financial flows, commercial transactions, security of goods and people; our society
is extremely dependent on Information Technologies for these functions. Software developers, system
integrators and manufacturers are exposed to great financial harm from piracy (illegal copies), and sabotage
(criminal subversion) of their software. Their customers also bear the losses associated with the malfunctions
brought about by the sabotage of systems and equipment sold and deployed across the world.
Validy SoftNaos is suitable for protecting any software, electronic or computer system, whether general,
public or professional software, video games, cell phone, banking system, online payment, home automation
or sensitive infrastructure.

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