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SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - July 22, 2008)

Burton Group, a research and consulting firm focused on in-depth analysis of enterprise technologies, announces Sr. VP and principal analyst Dan Blum will provide a keynote presentation on the future of security architecture at The Open Group Conference on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 in Chicago.

According to Burton Group´s security and risk management strategies analysts, effective security network control is declining due to de-perimeterization, an emerging term to describe the erosion of the enterprise firewall as a single point of control due to many trends including workforce mobility, smarter mobile devices, business partnerships, wireless access, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Blum´s keynote will be based on his recent research report, "Shifting Defenses: Security Futures for Networks, Applications, and Data." In the report, he points out industry trends will shift the defensive emphasis from network controls to endpoint-, identity-, application-, and data-level controls. He predicts an information-centric approach to IT security architecture that builds on converging XML-oriented database management systems and enterprise content management, and service oriented architecture (SOA) data services will provide lasting strategic benefits.

"The trend is moving away from large, monolithic organizational structures toward virtual enterprises," says Blum. "Individuals and organizations are becoming more empowered with computing devices and sophisticated content creation and collaboration tools that pose strong risk and regulatory pressures on IT security."

On Wednesday, Blum will discuss alternative security architectures that are gaining currency including the Jericho Forum commandments which start with the de-perimeterization problem as a premise and look beyond to the roles of secure endpoints, secure protocols, trust mechanisms, and data-level security.

More information and discussion about de-perimeterization, Blum´s report, and upcoming keynote can be found at the following online resources:

- Security and Risk Management Strategies blog: http://srmsblog.burtongroup.com/

- Slidecast - Security Architecture in a Deperimeterized World: http://podcast.burtongroup.com/ip//2008/07/todays-security.html

- Jericho Forum and the Collaboration Oriented Architecture (COA) position paper: http://srmsblog.burtongroup.com/2008/05/jericho-forum-a.html

- Complimentary report: Shifting Defenses: Security Futures for Networks, Applications and Data: http://www.burtongroup.com/Guest/Srms/ShiftingDefenses.aspx

- The Open Group Conference: http://www.opengroup.org/chicago2008/

- The Jericho Forum: http://www.opengroup.org/jericho/deperim.htm

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