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Award recognises superior products, business execution and success of Ellacoya Networks acquisition

Lexington, Mass., le 17 septembre 2008

Arbor Networks, a leading provider of secure service control solutions for global networks, announced today that it has been selected by leading research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan as this year´s recipient of the 2008 Growth Strategy Excellence of the Year Award. Frost & Sullivan selected Arbor because the company has demonstrated excellence in implementing and sustaining growth within shipments, revenues and profitability.

In addition to lauding the company for the successful acquisition of Ellacoya Networks in January, Frost & Sullivan recognises Arbor Networks for the company´s continued product innovation. According to Frost & Sullivan, Arbor products have been steadily enhanced to meet increased bandwidth and user requirements, going from 3 Gbps to 10 Gbps and supporting up to 100 million subscribers. This is a significant challenge for any company, but is particularly challenging for a small company like Arbor; the company retains an impressive customer base that demonstrates and fortifies its products´ reliability, scalability and ability to protect small, medium and very large networks.

“Arbor has demonstrated the ability to build a superior product, consistently execute on its business and revenue plan, and acquire and integrate key assets, in this case Ellacoya Networks, that both enhance and add value to its existing products and services,” explained Becky Watson, program manager with Frost & Sullivan. “With these key accomplishments and product attributes, Frost & Sullivan honours Arbor Networks with the 2008 Growth Strategy Excellence of the Year Award.”

“This award is a significant validation of Arbor´s strategy of delivering solutions that ensure the security, availability and profitability of 21st century IP networks,” stated Jack Boyle, chief executive officer of Arbor Networks. “It is equally gratifying that this award recognises our acquisition and successful integration of Ellacoya Networks. We believe that the powerful combination of Ellacoya´s products with Arbor´s Peakflow solutions enables our service provider customers to detect and mitigate the full range of network-based attacks. Only Arbor is able to deliver such unparalleled broad and deep visibility, via flow and deep packet inspection (DPI) technologies, that help protect and manage networks in ways not previously possible – all from one product family, from one company.”

Arbor solutions deliver best-in-class network security and visibility, along with the power to improve profitability by deploying differentiated, revenue-generating secure services.
Today, Arbor´s customers include more than 70 percent of the world´s ISPs and many large enterprises. By employing flow-based and DPI technologies, Arbor solutions measure and protect the entire network – from the service provider core to the broadband edge.

Arbor has become a trusted partner of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) community, developing numerous, innovative industry initiatives that require cross-provider collaboration and sharing of anonymised data. To date, Arbor has successfully launched the Fingerprint Sharing Alliance (FSA), a first-of-its-kind industry initiative aimed at helping network operators share Internet attack information automatically; the annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report; and ATLAS, the world´s first globally scoped threat analysis network, which uses technology embedded in the world´s largest ISP networks to sense and report on comprehensive worldwide threat intelligence.

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